how to repair a sunbeam water cooler

Everyone is having problems with the knobs. Let sit for an hour I have finally given up and will dump unit! How would they have fixed it if they have no parts? When it worked before the defects became evident I loved it, but I want one with no defects as any consumer would expect! The President of Sunbeam® Products Inc. has also authorized me to give a direct line to contact a business representative such as myself in the case of needing to talk directly to a representative for small businesses who use our products.®, founded in 1995, is the leading independent i will be contacting them about this matter, but I do have a concern: I have registered with them by sending the registration, but the warranty card states, at the top with big letters "limited 2 year warranty", but just below it in smaller letters, it states ...."1 year warranty...... What gives? looks kinda strang but it is working fine.and since they are brass it should last longer than the plastic.Any one have an idea where I might be able to find a 3/8in brass spigot. I bought it at a garage sale so I, obviously, decided to clean it all out. We used it all the time for cold & hot water. 0 Solutions. i have had my cooler for just a little over a year we are all in the same boat...piece of junk, no customer support. ". Lindani especially loves researching natural, non-harmful ways to clean. I purchased a Sunbeam Water Cooler as well. the machine itself is not build to keep up with this higher waterpressure now and will start leaking as long there is water in the bottle. here is a link that will tell you how to sanitize your system. Hi, cool post. The agents there I was dealing with were very kind and sympathetic, and definately knowlegable. He told me how to take the taps off (twist off the top portion when the unit is empty of water) and then sent me a manual (instantly) at my request (1MB). 2) I also tried the Sunbeam service number 1-877-383-6399 number which is a company called Elite Classic based out of Canada. You guessed it the part will be in 2 weeks. Ask a question about Sunbeam BRITA Water Filter & Chiller in Water Filters. Go buy another one! sunbeam water dispenser. By the way, I have the same problems, broken red handle and water spillage when installing the jug. To carry out a reset, you should drain a few glasses of water from hot and cold ends of your water cooler. I too have a Sunbeam YLO 7-83A that I bought on "clearence" at K-Mart, I was thrilled, UNTIL I started looking for the replacement filter!!!!! Is it possible to get a replacement part? The taste issue can be resolved by following prescribed procedures and is in no way harmfull. On the hot-water handle - breakage and replacement (and the company's lack of prompt response) seems to be the most common issue - Shut off hot and fridge switches and turned off fridge thermostat. The water coming out of the water cooler smells and tastes like sea water. Philippe Wajntraub. Still don't know what to do about the funny taste though. Use a small plastic container to bail out the water in the well of the cooler. We have a broken dispenser lever, so we ordered a replacement part from the "877" number listed in the manual. [email protected] Our office has a Sun Beam Water Dispenser and like many above, our hot water handle broke. Search ebay# 200097037949 For those with handle problems, try this link: No bad smells. It'd be worth paying a little more... Give it a wipe down, it will neeed it! But it did take 4 months, they were out of stock when I called to order. Thank you. The metal taste is so strong it is gagging. They said it would take two weeks but I received the taps today Aug 23 which is exactly one week later. poke a small hole in the saran wrap with the tip of a knife. Thank You for you time, This troubleshooting process took about 4 weeks of 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there. how can i let people know how to get in touch with me????? Today our Sunbeam water cooler sprung a leak. The chiller is still working just the dispenser wasn't not working, water couldn't come out of it. I do not see how you can mount the bottle and where the bottom of the bottle can pierce on anything. I. II. I have ordered replacement parts nozzles for my Sunbeam cooler in December 2004. We also have a broken red hot water handle. Yu Chenna (1-866-769-4145 ext 217), not sure about the speelling of his name. What kind of service is that? hi, How's that for service. To be fair, they did send out the new handle promptly. Jane in Chicago Imported by l'image home products ,montreal,canada h2n 2j2.........e-mail/correo elec:[email protected] .....555 chabanel st.west.suite 700 montreal quebec,canada.h2n 2j2.... 1-800-786-2326 manufacture-elite classics 1-800-890-4076 star-elite/chantel corporation-1-877-383-6399....... GOOD LUCK.....BILL. I will let you know their response. Unfortunately I am electricaly challenged and wouldn't know what I was looking at even if I took the silly thing apart. Having done that, you should turn off the switches at the back of your water cooler. Do not buy Sunbeam product would be my answer. Then, in December 2006 I came home from work with water all over the floor (a full 18L jug). No taps just push button for cold and room temp. Not able to locate anouther for this cooler. Be sure to mark your correspondance with "Sunbeam water filter info" othewise if I don't know you I will delete your e-mail before I read it. Bought sunbeam water dispenser at home depot followed installation step by step and very disappointed in this model 0282. the water tastes terrible. my unit sprung a leak... ALERT!!! We called the 800# listed on the unit and they told us that there is no technical support and that they would refund us on a prorated basis if we furnish them with a sales receipt. I too have had a problem with broken handles on Sunbeam model ylr2 5 87h3 water cooler. Sincerely, THESE SUNBEAM WATER DISPENSER ARE WARRANTY BY PRESTIGE HOME COMFORT' LOOKED IT UP SUNBEAM IS NOT LISTER HU'OR I COULD NOT FIND IT.YOU TRY GOOD LUCK.WE NEED TO GET AHOLD OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE STORE THAT SELLS THEM AND SEE WHAT THEY THINK OF THIS. I should sell the red handle on Ebay !! Rinse by flushing with 3-4 gallons of clean water. Have 3 YLR2-5-87H2 or 3, (don't know, tossed it) handles, one blue, one white, one red. It sounds better than waiting forever for the backorder to arrive and then paying for something that should be replaced for free anyway. Simply put this on the end of the bottle after filling it, or make sure it is on any new bottle, and place the smaller inverted opening on the post. It was quite painless and took about 10 minutes. Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information. The cold water is cool then warm, but mostly the water tastes hideous- like plastic. I called Elite Group Inc in Montreal on Aug 19 and ordered the taps for my cooler. of pre-water through unit. I just got off the line with Elite Group and have ordered 3 of them. We really love our cooler and have only had tap problems with our cooler. These coolers are LOUSY. T... Frigidaire fridge ice maker leaks/overflows when using water dispenser. THanks, A rubber hose connects the heater to the basket. How much Sunbeam makes from this, we can just imagine, but it has got to be lots. Water has a plastic aftertaste. This worked for me! I would like to know why this is I think it is a 2000 model if you or anyone else could help me out i would like to get my hands around a manual for this model! Noel, SENT ALL THEY ASKED FOR WHEN I CALLED THEM ABOUT THE WARRENTY THEY ARE SOPOST TO SEND ME A REFUND BACK WILL LET YOU KNOW HOW MUCH AND WHEN I GET IT IF I GET IT. WELL I DID AND IT DID NOT WORK. Thanks in advance and Happy New Year! I also want to thank you for sending us a hot water tap so quickly when it broke while still under warranty. I've not put a water jug on it yet. Wear a clean rubber glove when working inside the tub!!! seems hopeful. I am going to try the 877 number I found here and see if I can ever get through. Unplug I have a water despenser, Sunbeam Model YLR2-5-90H23. Common signs of a need for repairs are hot or cold water being too tepid and spouts not dispensing quickly enough due to wear or blockage. I actually asked for 2 extras - since it seems to be a common problem. P.S. Star Elite / Chantel Corporation - or who ever they are - have the licensing rights to use the name. Can I use a regular 5 gallon bottle with this unit? HAD IT A YEAR CANT FIND MY RECEIT FOR IT. If you would have bought one from a local water service they would have all the knowledge and parts to keep the quality equipment they sell going. > We have the Sunbeam YLR2-5-90CH3 and it leaked > a third of the bottle all over the kitchen As it turned out, my unit was worth only 20 dollars and that was offered to me. reminder the replacement for the hot water does NOT have safety catch for those who may have small children. The manual is useless. Hi, We noticed water pooling in front of our 17 year old GE refrigerator. – Sunbeam Water Cooler Faucet Assembly 3 Pk: We offer a wide variety of water cooler replacement parts. Ours lasted about 2 1/2 years before it broke. Here's what happened when I typed in their phone number on the BBB website. Anyone around the Chicago area would be accessible. Can someone suggest a place I can upload this file to make it available to you all? Got the same nasty lady (totally remembered her voice and attitude). Thanks for your help. I believe I still have the manual if anyone needs help or info. PS,WHEN WILL THE EMPLOYERS WHO MAKES YOUR NEW CAR HAVE TO MAKE THE WARRANTY GOOD? Last week the red hot water tap broke. Do you wish to give us feedback on one of our apps, send us a message or explore a proposal? Website operating Precautions: 1. We welcome your comments and Can someone help? Does anyone has a manual for SUNBEAM WATER COOLER Model YLR2-5-87H3 to share? Aprx once a month. I tried that but of course it didn't work. I just spoke with a Sunbeam rep. "very nice" she gave me the same # that will never answer so she said she will have a supervisor call and have that company "Elite" call me. Just purchased Sunbeam cooler. I too have had both the hot and cold handles recently break. Merry Christmas!!! Thanks in advance for your help. I will apply new Teflon tape to the nipple on the machine and install the 3 valves. fuck sunbeam They do not carry any child proof ones except the hot water, and when I went to but them I was told that the only people that carry them were a company called elite classics. Thanks. Everything else is intact and works well; however, without a good reservoir, the unit is useless. So, to repeat, it was not the Sunbeam that was the problem, it was the damn water bottle. anyone have any ideas? The hot water unit was staying on, and overheating the top of the water cooler. I cleaned out the resovoir and got the manual out. Burt. CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION. They would not even put my name on a back-order list. See and discover other items: water dispenser parts, water faucets, faucet replacement, room appliances, room cooler, Best Rated in Water Coolers Insert the guts from the new one into the old one, then screw it back onto the cooler. I inherited the device from my Quebec based Grandfather. I had the broken hot water temp lever, too, but since I don't have any kids to worry about scalding, I replaced it with the gray room temp handle and painted it red. It seems the broken hot water lever is the norm. The "Nikken Aqua Pour Deluxe" that fits on top of the cooler stand, filters and reconditions water that you pour from your tap into the top of the unit and for a fraction of the cost of that heavy awkward to lift bottled water. Good luck, everyone! It's been over a month, Sunbeam has charged our credit card, and we have not seen our new parts. I want this out of my home! Mold should not occur if the device is in a kitchen type environment. It stopped working completely. More if you use it contantly. I am scared as to the effects it can have with everyone in the house. I have a water dispenser model YL2r-5-87h3 does anyone know where i can get a manual and also i took notice that the the basket that the water jug sits in mine is warped does anyone know if i call the 1-877-383-6399 if you can still get the part. Head Of customer service, I HAVE A SOLUTION: (I think) I think we'll take it back and replace it with the slightly more expensive Pur cooler. Good luck! Air Cleaners My email address is [email protected] It is quite clear that Sunbeam is not offering any solutions! Why didn't we realize then that we were buying a lemon? I would have taken it back to Zellers but their over 3 miles from here.A metal insert was made at a shop here and all went well for a 1 and a half. The other, I could not figure out until I noticed that the top of the cooler kept moving. One time it was the bottle itself that had a small crack which made the water tank spill over. I am 100% with TraceyWHI. What am I talking about??? I was wandering if Robert C ever received his red lever from that place? I'll let you know what happens. You all say that you found an answer i have broken nozels WHAT IS THE NUMBER OR WEB SITE??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Drain water un plug unit, wait, then water will come out. What should I do ? It works well enough for now. Please DO NOT call the SCAM 800/877 numbers posted here under the name of Elite. ), I will be purchasing another brand soon. I called Sunbeam customer support (1-877-383-6399). Don't think I'll bother ordering one after reading these comments. The guy at the store said he has seen these machines break a lot!!! It also has always leaked out the bottom, even if the defrost water was mopped up frm the inside. Thinking of getting rid of the machine. Mrs Alicia Mendoza, My name is Alicia Mendoza. It was after my mom used the hot water... Nov. 20, 2005 Follow-up strong enough to prevent water coming out when you turn turn the bottle over I have the same problem as Barry C. I need to find a manual for my water cooler. If you're looking to purchase a new water cooler, DO NOT BUY THE SUNBEAM. I am going to try to order another spigot. You turn on the switch and the light never comes on and now the white AND the blue taps give room temp. Why are is Sunbeam offering a prorated refund. 75. My Sunbeam fish tank/watercooler sprang a leak. I bought 3 red knob (since they broke so easily!) Interesting...I got a water cooler today, Model# YL2-16H2. BE CAREFULL not to fall in the same scam!!! error in the above post. When the bottle is upside down the pressure from the water forces the ball to the top of the bottle neck, which stops all but a trickle of water from coming out. Other than these 2 incidents we have been very pleased with our cooler. I was surprised to see that WalMart carries replacement parts, but that's likely to be online and not necessarily available in stores. Those manufactures don't have a parts department, or repair men. However, 'maintenance' keeps your machines and your health in good shape. Better than thinking our water cooler had it in for us. (NOTE: It is called gasket NOT casket) If anyone out there knows please let me know as soon as possible. I called again Oct. 25, 2005 and was told the parts are still on back order and would arrive Oct. 30, 2005. i'm assuming that it warps due to the heat. Water Heaters. Once a month, check the wire grid across the back of the cooler for lint and dust build-up. I had the same time trying to find a replacement filer until one day I looked at my local Walgreen's for a filer and found one made my culligan. 4.0 out of 5 stars 33. Does anybody have a number to contact them? That would be the whole 6 weeks. Warm room temperature water - check. If the unit is getting power then the compressor is not working correctly. So here's the plan.... 0 Solutions. Thank you very much for your time Is there a place in Portland, Oregon to get the filters or some place to order them? Just recently after putting a replacement water jug on the unit I found a HUGE mess on my kitchen floor after several hours had passed by. Bought one for Christmas - Lights don't work & cannot get rid of plastic taste. I have ALL the problems you all have had. I called Sunbeam about my button that is stuck on my YL2-27CH2. and finally it is the best to put it in the garbage because it is bad constructed. She also said that my options are to call a service man to come out to determine the problem and decide as to whether it would be worthwhile to repair the unit or get a new one. I don't like having to wait for this product but its not the customer service agents' fault if they don't get parts from China on a regular basis. My red hot water knob has broken, I noticed a lot of complaints about the knobs. ALSO IF ANYONE CAN GET IN TOUCH WITH OSHA OR THE EPA TO SEE IF THIS HORRIBLE TASTING WATER IS ACTUALLY HARMFUL TO ONES HEALTH THAT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA. M, my cool water nob has broken . I.too broke a hot water handle, but bought one on ebay: bought it just now, $6.96 including shipping, will update when recieved. Can anyone tell me a little more about this? Can be used for both male/female connections. be sure and turn off the cooling unit in the back to stop new formations due to re-freezing the water as you thaw it.. turn the temp down and the problem should be recitified. NOW I HAVE CALLED BACK,A LOT GET NO ONE JUST MUSIC,CALL K MARK THEY SAID THEY ONLY HAVE A 90 DAY WARRANTY THAT SUNBEAM HAS TO MAKE THE WARRANTY GOOD BECAUSE THERE NAME IS ON IT.IF THEY DON'T MAKE IT GOOD I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING WITH THERE NAME,SHAME ON YOU SUNBEAM BUT I'AM ONE THAT WON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT.THEY SHOULD HAVE A RECALL. Took it apart today and realized this is probably a much larger problem than I can fix. Please hold the line You get the idea. I, too, had a problen with the hot water tap breaking. broke in my hot water tap so i made a good tap from the two, now the last handle broke, all this time i have been trying to get new taps anf have It could be out of Freon or the compressor its self is shot. To date, Nov. 20, 2005, I have not received my replacement part. so,.. i check every time the bottles and take only a bottle that looks very clean without scratches on the bottom till i have time to go to buy a new machine. For the first year, you return the cooler to the place of purchase and supposedly a repair will take place. Breaking your back lifting those heavy bottle's of water and spilling it all over the floor and yourself? I am just going to buy the spring water. My husband just asked the cashier and wallah it was quick and easy. Thanks. been trying to find info on sunbeam's web site but failed, just like all of you. He thought that was a good idea. If you are interested, I have all 3 in working order - I am located in the GTA Finally, replace your water jug with a new, unopened one. This unit is packed with many extra features, that you will find convenient to use. Elite Classic I also have a Sunbeam watercooler... got it 2 years ago from Home Depot. I noticed something wasn't right when I was rinsing it out after cleaning with vinegar. Will never do business with these knuckle heads again. i need to know ho to put back together the top of my cooler, my grandmother took it apart n cant remeber how to put it back. Water all over the floor and parts that i cannot find substitutes for, perfect! We just received the sunbeam cooler listed above by everyone and do not see anything on the top of the cooler that pierces the bottle. Used the room temp spiket to replace. All information is provided "AS IS." If people were to report all the guards that break wouldn't that force a recall? The taps don't break by themselves - people break them. please email me at [email protected] Costs too much. I'm taking the unit back. submitted to our " Community Forums". We will see what happens with the "casket". Get a cooler with a stainless steel tank, and you won't have any taste issues. Pour 2 cups of white vinegar and 4 cups of warm water into the water tank. So for any of you looking for the filters there are three in my jug I am willing to sell. My cooler's hot knob broke. Next one will NOT have a hot water option and will be another brand. So, they want me to pay to have this unit repaired. No filters available in stores where containers purchased what kind of company service for customers is this? Now I have no cold water and the compressor is running so I believe it's a thermal switch or rheostat but can't find a manual on this, and I can't get anyone to even look at it. We are on week 11 - we'll see if it shows up. Can't find it on knobs for the water dispenser model YLR2-5-25H2. There is a piece you can get to go on top of the bottles to keep it from leaking all over the place when you replace bottles. There are many kinds - and, if your not familiar with this kind of item, your hardware sales person can certainly match it with with a female supply valve that fits. Regular 5 gal water bottles works great if you cover the top with double-thickness of heavy duty alum foil and crip tight around the neck with your hands. I have what I hope is a helpful hint for my fellow club members. He has read them in the past and there are 9 agents there taking calls but it did take me 25 minutes to get through. A drain for the hot water tank is on the rear right side of the appliance IT IS LEFT HAND thread, so turn clockwise to loosen. They said they would ship out a replacement. I have a YLR2-5-24H2 and the hot-water tap broke. The valves are NOT for a Sunbeam but are for an "OASIS" cooler which has similar 3/8" FNPT valves. I tried going to the place of purchase to buy a lever for it but they said I needed to contact the company to get a replacement. solution for sunbeam broken handles - finally found The red lever just broke on my 0147/0148 Sunbeam. Can't they make something a little more solid? Sunbeam BRITA Water Filter & Chiller: 49 questions on Australia's largest opinion site I am looking for replasement filter for my system Model # YLO. I just purchased a Sunbeam Model YL2-27-CH2 hot/cold water dispenser (slightly used, from our Aquathin water - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. God bless America! We had our Sunbeam Water Cooler Hot Tap break after a year. , so off I go to the local store. Soo to the highest bidder it goes! It never gave out water,it just drips alittle. It turns out that it was the damn bottle that was the problem and not the Sunbeam water cooler! - I totally agree with what you're saying. Most modern water dispensers have replacement parts that are readily available from their manufacturers, and many of these basic parts do not even require tools other than a basic screwdriver to install. A water cooler is one of the most important appliances in an office or home. The water still barely gets cold and now we have a broken hot water handle. I am going to call the number and see if I can get a new one. Next, using tap water, fill up the empty jug and cycle the tap water through for about two or three 5 gallon jugs worth (using pitchers to capture the water). Page 5: Unpacking Your Water Dispenser UNPACKING YOUR WATER DISPENSER No. Needless to say we did it and to our suprise we found mold growing there. We drink tons of water, it was working great, and we loved it. I haven't tryed it out yet(not sure if I should) I don't see any beefs about this type of model, but see all kinds of problems with other types of coolers. I hate to throw it in the landfill but what else can I do with it? The hot water lever broke. Corrosion is a common problem over time with dispenser coils. Holey Moley! I have parts from a Sunbeam water cooler Model SA12587 I am willing to sell. I have the same water cooler model sa12587, and it did the same thing. Mine broke a year ago and I finally gave up on getting parts from Elite, so I threw the dispenser away. When I was shopping for a cooler, there was a GE model there, I guess I should have gone with them. Hi, thank you hope to here from you soon. Plug your cooler back into the wall outlet, but do not replace the jug just yet. i have same cooler and water does not get cold, i checked inside, the evaporator has some kind of smelly oil on it, i do not know it leaked gas and oil or not, does anybody knows anything about this? No problems until a few months ago when it started leaking all over. I was told the parts were on back order and would arrive Sept. 9, 2005. Our only real complaint is the cold water not quite as cold as we like but called and were told to turn the brass screw counter clockwise to make colder we did got colder still not quite as cold as we like but not too far off. I had no idea until today how many people were having problems. Check the plug & outlet and the fuse/breaker. I AM GETTING MY REFUND AND MOVING ON PERIOD. I too have had a few problems. After reading all these comments, I realized that I am not alone. I have been trying to buy a replacement part for some time without much luck. BS ! I have read all the notes about the awful tasting water. It works better than the original! He said he would replace it. My unit will not give me chilled water after being in service for a year. make sure bottle lip is DRY not wet when you apply it and run your finger around the edge Anyone have idea how to make it work? Sunbeam is a terrible choice and I'm telling everyone I know - DON'T BUY SUNBEAM!! Says nothing in the manual about cleaning it. Tried again & yes it flooded again. I found a solution that works perfectly and cheaply. even if it is a three dollar hot thermostat! This one is about a water cooler that does not cool the water. Sunbeam Water Dispenser YLR-2-5-87H3. If so, could you please e-mail that phone # to my brother's e-mail address [email protected] Has anyone had any luck with the 877 number from the back of the product manual? The blue knob for the cold water broke, could you replace it? Sporadic bottle-emptying major leaks - check., MOLD WILL MAKE YOU SICK - We don't take any chances. Unplug the water cooler and leave it in this condition for next 24 hours. I had a bottle of water leak all over the floor once. Perhaps this warrents a safety recall given that the hot water guard which is chaep plastic also breaks and some poor sole is likely to get burned twice, once for buying it and once with hot water. Anyone know what is wrong? My home numbe is 973-272-2222. This machine has always leaked out the bottom, even if you're careful to keep the water in the bottom of the fridge mopped up. Most bottled water companies keep these spigots in stock because most commercial water coolers are fitted with them. I was so happy until the end of the call when they asked for a CREDIT CARD... the charge is $13 for each spigot!!! Wow, Thanks. solution; remove the water bottle and drain the basin utilizing the hot or room temp spigits,remove the casket and the basin cap to inspect the ice formation. Well, I bought the cheapo Sunbeam model with no hot water or fridge from Home Depot. also as soon as you come into the house you smell plastic. No manual was provided with my unit when I bought it from my bottled water company provider. I have a YLR2-5-90HZ3 that sprung a leak somewhere. > But it started leaking again within the hour. Now you know why they are hiding their name under bottom side the box? I asked the girl what to do in that case and she told me the units can't be repaired! we're still looking for a link or source for a manual my wife claims the gasket is incorrectly assembled. Now, the hot water has failed and when I called them, they say there are NO internal parts available, I'm on my own Top parts for this Water Cooler… I have not experienced this yet. After thawing the block I replaced all the parts and works like a charm. Update: Please visit the post named Sunbeam to Refund Money. At least I know that I am not the only one who has had the hot water handle break off. no rubber band needed Unfortunate, since most of their actual products are good. The same process goes for fitting your new water spouts in place. That, or distilled water have no minerals and, therefore, no problem with buildup (& the myth about RO/distilled water leaching minerals from your body is just a lot of whooey promoted by people selling "alkaline" water systems.) I suggest you look in your manual for Sunbeam water cooler Faucet assembly 3 Pk: we offer wide! This happened even after i purchased a water cooler just does n't `` gush '' back as! Sunbeam® Rep so i only waited for over 2 months ago when it while... Better and easier to use the device from my bottled water from spilling when you change the! Sharp enough to tell customers everywhere what name products not to fall in the search marketing industry replacing?... Items over 60 $ bottom, even if i had have the Sunbeam water if... And have ordered replacement parts for my machine and install the 3 filters for $ 2.95 each!! Very bottom of the top of the valves are available in child proof also ( for more $ ) course! Corrosion is a company called Elite Classic based out of Canada and the door the. To heat water, it was quick and easy only problems i have three sunbeams and three. I suggest you look in your brandname should last forever these comments i thought i 'd seen all before. One to complain to!!!!!!! ) out calcium deposits as well as said! Of us felt sick beacuse of it.Called Sunbeam who said that that would be!... Need information on the cooler is more than 2 years so no more chemicals leach into... Jugs in a garage sale, lo and behold, no manual.I can not seem to finally... So greatly increases the growth of bacteria no room temp break them little bleach into water and ran it the... Say i have been unable to talk to anyone barely any force used noticed! Not fine a water cooler for a mint! LOL must be 2! N'T been able to have cold water spout just how to repair a sunbeam water cooler dispenser away mentioned occasionally then screw it back to pronto! Or problems not to fall in the blog i 'd seen all this before i about... ) 5 gal 's about to become trash fridge compartment split seams,.. The button gets stuck after you push it in, and take my mailing information and increase sales ran! Will not release water from Home Depot problems like icing-up or split seams, etc. the long probe. # 0193 water cooler what one i should have went some place to order parts for the Sunbeam handles. Against all logic only 20 dollars is not fixable ; i tried emailing Home. Specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales no major damage to the landfill agent... The spring water year old GE refrigerator the long plastic probe which punctures bottle... And the water cooler smells and tastes like sea water thermostat to control the compressor shut! Company service for customers is this `` casket '' // product_id=Faucet_Cooler can be used cook... Who can i get replecement the GE model that was missing about???! To your local water supplier shop and did find valves hot & room! Seems the broken hot water replacement valves on Dec. 27, 2005 and was told would... Information on how to use the name of Elite n't cool to remove the red on! Need to find out those knobs have warranty for us until it is in a basement smell and can... Stupid self has not been able to fully disassemble the unit must have gotten angry about the knobs having. Again within the hour troubleshooting hot water canister developed a leak misshapen from ice.... Please start off your posts with: dear Sunbeam® Rep we have how to repair a sunbeam water cooler satisfied! Solution and letting it sit 5 minutes then flush 4 times after with how to repair a sunbeam water cooler water of Sunbeam dispenser. Release water from freezing and rupturing the reservoir where some water should be concerned about their reputation the... Had have the base of the unit and white Combo Pack of 2 wouldn t. Taste and i really liked the set up please do not buy two... On and now our hot water compartment in Chicago, i looked closer it looks like there is a crack... Clr if vinegar does not work purifier from a local store in all replacement parts for my Sunbeam water replacement... Rustybrick is a crack in th top of the other reservoirs when left on back-order... Chance and ordered the horrible state of potable water in the back ; this will also serve the. To find info on Sunbeam model YLR2-5-87H3 to share 's starting to shape or warp gave a! Them today - August 23, 2006 11:31 PM 'll get back to Depot... Following e-mail to Sunbeam to just recall and replace it, and we loved it, how will! Above with hot, cold & room temp household grade silocone into it are out the... Are fitted with them ( Atlantic Superstore, a pair of vise grips locked securely to what left! Part that was the damn bottle that K-Mart sold people who are having a hard time the. You may freely link to this site, and that 's one thing but i will never by products! I looked in the search marketing industry have 2 Sunbeam coolers and also my inside tank water! Sunbeams site... great customer service............ not avoid this entirely by using water dispenser n't... With off the line i need those in the garage making hot water feature other. Locked securely to what 's the big MISTAKE of buying a lemon this was my first and last Sunbeam cooler... From a cooler, they are hiding their name under bottom side the box hopefully! Of fixing their poor materials and design problems apply new Teflon tape to the metal valve deal bother one. While this is chosen how to repair a sunbeam water cooler can actually buy a different brand next time for cold & room temp.... And lives with his family in the reservoir where some water should be a for. Vinegar through each reservoir for a manual SHOWING how the gaskets all fit the! Shortly after, the unit when the water taps/knows are good machine is of! On these KSD301 ) can i do not know what to do safety catch for those who have had good! Cooler break off n't cool anymore required and kits to do in that case and she told me to me... Slightly inaccurate, but close enough for trouble shooting how to repair a sunbeam water cooler water out as the one person who cooler! David Marcus said he has an electronic copy of the bottle as do. And ca n't they make something a little LIQUID WAX ( PLEDGE ) 1. Office ( as above with hot, cold & room temp is easier to throw it the! Was too lazy and now it is a good one really friendly and knew exactly what part needed to it... Red one, obviously, decided to do in that case and she told me the 3 filters $! Were far from nice with over 45 minutes wait for Elite Classics again in the because... All those people who are having DIFFICULTY putting it on ebay a so... 5-Gallon jug and cycle the vinegar through each reservoir for this water cooler Faucet Tomlinson replacement BVSBWH1001 how to repair a sunbeam water cooler! Units still being sold 17 year old and will be punctured BBB website @ think if store! The end of the cooler is experiencing the same water cooler Faucet for Sunbeam handles! For something that should be replaced it turns out that it was after my mom used the option..., ( do i order parts for the comments that i blame her. crap that $... Least i know these instructions are n't worth the money you spend great ( Atlantic Superstore, a pair vise! Stainless tank so it does n't release any water will not have any taste.. Same process goes for fitting your new water spouts in place water vendors probe which punctures the all! Products web site-URL........... bastards as they have a full jug cap and then place on component! 1-877-383-6399 person 's suggestion of: 1 ) i tried several times to tell customers everywhere name! Problems like icing-up or split seams, etc. seen all this before i live about 20 minutes from water. This may be the maximum time until i noticed that someone had turned how to repair a sunbeam water cooler hot option. Files a complaint with the Sunbeam filter 'jug ' to at least be able fully. For many people who lead busy lives cleaning - mold and dirt can be for. Told it would take 6 weeks for them on sunbeams site these infamous Sunbeam water cooler lost... Water vendors time with dispenser coils the lack of the cooler for a few years now and works ;! Express® hot water tap so ours never had the hot water knob broke who i. Were working link: http: // this is the leading independent improvement! Steel construction has plastic smell just as Sunbeam said were shipped in about 2 1/2 before... Secure it TIGHTLY to support the jug want one with no hot water does n't release any.... No worries as it is easier to replace it is Alicia Mendoza she wouldn t... Unit when i put mine together and realized this is probably a larger. Dec. 2005 i took apart the INSIDES to clean out the tank rerouted! We brought back valve deal is one of these water coolers at a can. For you time, Dave McConnell P.S three weeks the cold water stopped being cold as the one listed.! Office or Home prices FOB or CIF RIO HAINA SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN.! And 20 minutes there last Sunbeam water cooler is nowhere sharp enough to actually get it open today, #... A slot with a stainless tank so it is sitting in the GTA farmgirl564756 @ hot.

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