how to install wall mount kitchen sink

Add a little extra to the measured length to ensure a tight connection. Reconnect the power to the disposal. Step 9 Screw on Clips Photo by Wendell T. Webber. The wall is completely open in this area, so horizontal studs can easily be added. If you can't find them, turn off the main water line to the house. Once the pipes are in place, measure where you want the faucet to be. I feel like i can stand in my kitchen sink now. The caulk is between the sink’s rim and the countertop. Turn on the faucet to relieve water pressure in the lines. There is a vertical stud centered exactly where I'd like to hang the sink. Before you install a bathroom sink, turn off the water supply and remove the old sink. Four, observe the framing. Likewise, clean any components you'll reinstall. If you need a slip nut for the other end of the pipe, slide the slip nut onto the pipe facing the appropriate direction and then add a washer. If your new sink has larger dimensions than the current countertop opening, turn the sink upside-down where you want it on the countertop. Set the new sink in the countertop hole to verify that it fits. Learn how to replace a kitchen sink with our easy-to-follow video and how-to. Lower the sink into the countertop opening, aligning squarely. If your old drainpipes don’t line up to your new sink installation, you can make some simple adjustments. Anything more than 1 inch will cause the water to splash the sink, and may lead to the floor in front of the faucet becoming wet. This is the perfect mount for any farmhouse sink. If the studs in your bathroom do not line up to the mounting location for your sink, wood blocking can … Trace the outline and create a new cutout with a jigsaw. When you are certain of the level, mark it off, and then drill holes into the wall at that point. Spread a bead of silicone caulk on the sink’s flange and tip the sink in place. Cut a piece of 2 x 10 to fit between the notches and studs. Measure your existing sink. If necessary, modify the countertop opening using a jigsaw, router or tile cutter. Toenail the blocking to the studs with 3 1/2-inch galvanized common nails or screw it with 3-inch decking screws. If necessary, modify the countertop opening using a jigsaw, router or tile cutter. Six, repair the drywall. Wall mount faucets have the benefit of being able to be mounted as high or as low as you want. Installation was easy with instructions that were well written. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Lowe's reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted. The studs and plumbing must be in alignment with where the sink, cabinetry, countertop, backer board, backspla… I needed to get my mount in a day and Pete’s delivered. Wall-hung sinks can be customized to the user’s height. Repeat this for additional drains without disposals. Place a washer on the pipe and then slide the slip nut onto the pipe over the washer. Hold the pipe in place and screw the slip nut(s) to the appropriate fittings. On the underside, install the gasket and the washer. You have to factor in what type of faucet you choose to … If your new sink has larger dimensions than the current countertop opening, turn the sink upside-down where you want it on the countertop. These instructions are for installing a drop-in sink. Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page, How to Find the Best Kitchen Sink for Your Home. Prices, Promotions, styles, and availability may vary. Insert the mounting bolts. Position the opening on the drain to the back of the sink; that's where you'll install your pop-up assembly. Remove the 2 x 10 from the wall and drill 1/2-inch holes through the layout marks. Because the plumbing comes through the wall, wall-mount faucets require quite a bit of planning and spacing estimating before installation occurs. In each board, cut a notch that’s 1 1⁄2 inches deep and 9 1⁄4 inches high. Hold the knife as flat against the countertop as you possibly can while cutting into the caulking. How to Tell Whether Your Vehicle Needs a Tune-up. Step 8 Using the appropriate drill bit for your wall type, drill a hole to the length of your screw, tap in a wall plug and screw the L-shape bracket into place. There are 4 mounting tabs and brackets. If you need to install new lags, then mark the mounting holes with a marking pen, remove the sink, and prepare to drill new holes. Wear safety glasses when cutting. Quality product delivered quickly. Apply a small bead of plumbers putty around the drain strainer and install the strainer, pressing firmly against the putty. Connect the disposal discharge pipe to the sink drainpipe and reattach the P-trap. If your new sink has different dimensions and drain location(s) than the unit it'll replace, you may need to modify the countertop opening and/or plumbing. Wear safety glasses when working under the sink or cutting pipe and other materials. Install the Garbage Disposal and Strainer Install the garbage disposal onto the desired side of the sink first, since this takes up the most space. Leave the faucet attached to the sink. Five, install a block in the wall to hang the sink at the higher level. Wearing safety glasses, cut the pipe with a hack saw. Remove the bracket and drill pilot holes with a drill and appropriate drill bit using a masonry bit if you have to drill through tile or stone. A sink mounted on the wall is also ideal for a person in a wheelchair because the sink has access underneath it; however, be sure to slip an insulated cover over the trap so that the pipe (heated by hot water passing through) doesn’t burn the person’s legs. If you have a garbage disposal, install the unit following the manufacturer's instructions. Here’s why. Raise the sink so it presses against the underside of the countertop and forms a watertight seal. If you have a garbage disposal, use a screwdriver to install the mounting bracket to the bottom of the sink following the manufacturer's instructions. Keep a bucket or pan underneath the drain to catch excess water. Before you begin this project, read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow all local building codes. Remove a self-rimming cast iron sink When you’re going to install a sink in an existing bathroom, you have to remove the drywall in the area behind the sink to add blocking to provide support. Use pliers to disconnect the drainpipe and P-trap from the sink drain. Tighten the connections, taking care not to strip the threads or overtighten. Locate the metal clips under the counter around the sink's perimeter. Second, wall-mount faucets are installed between two wall studs. By: Delta Faucet. Carefully cut all the way around the sink in order to free it. If you have a garbage disposal, turn off the circuit and then unplug it. Install the lags directly through the wall mounted sink holes, using the socket set. Push the unit from underneath and lift the old sink away. This is also a good time to install any other under-sink components, such as a water filter or a hot water dispenser. Dampen your finger with a bit of water and then run it through the sealant along the edge of the sink to make a smooth finish. If you don’t have your disposal instructions, check the manufacturer’s website. Get it now on . Install the threaded inserts to hold the bolts in place. Use a putty knife to remove grime, caulk and old plumbers putty from the countertop. Pound in wall anchors, using the hammer. If a wall stud happens to be centered directly behind the sink, you need to open the wall to three studs — the one behind the sink and the studs on either side of it. Installation of a new faucet and other components is easier if done while you're installing a new sink, since you can easily access the hardware with the sink out of the countertop. If a pipe is too long (such as the tailpiece from the drain on the main sink): If you need to make a bend (such as to a wall outlet): Apply a small bead of sealant to the perimeter of the sink. 3 Install the faucet (see How to Install a Kitchen Faucet for instructions) and the sink strainers. Install the faucet and additional components. A plumber will install a moderately priced, wall mount sink for $422, which includes labor and material; or you can buy one for $300 and install it, pocketing a 28 percent savings. Tilt the sink to its side to place and secure rubber gaskets and threaded flange to the underside of the sink drain. Remove the sink from the countertop hole to attach the clips, turned inward toward the sink bowl. When installing a pedestal sink, you also need to shore up the walls. Attach L-shape brackets to the side panels near the top where they will meet the wall. Eight, retrim the sink… The good news to the user is that this faucet comes with Moen’s limited warranty. Our local stores do not honor online pricing. Insert the faucet to the sink and attach with locknuts. Have a small bucket ready to catch any water left in the supply lines and drainpipes as they're removed. Wipe away excess caulk. Position the notches 23 7⁄8 inches from the end of the board.

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